About Me

Short Version

Married, father of 4, ninja at absolutely everything.

Longer Version

I was born in Montana and left there for university at Texas A&M. I left there for more university and an actual life in Denver, Colorado. I left there for real love and real life in Perth, Western Australia. Right now, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Except maybe the toilet, which is the only room where I’m able to successfully read a book for more than a paragraph at a time.

I am a writer. A website expert. A member relations manager for a prominent national organisation for webnerds. A webmaster for a group of swordfighting reenactors. A web designer for a few nonprofit groups. A mentor. An artist. A Viking. A teacher. A carpenter. An actor. A plumber. A ninja (see above). An IT expert. A toy collector. A cowboy. A chef. A husband. A father.

If I had a business card to sum all these things up, it would read:
Judd ExleyCaptain Awesomepants

I think that says enough, really.