Happy Half Australia Nekkid Thursday Day

As it means that I get to not only take nudey pictures of Wife, but also post them (on hers too), when she requested that we take part in Half Nekkid Thursday, I agreed in the same amount of time that it takes my synapses to send ExcitedyBoner signals from Big Brain to Little Brain.

It’s Australia Day here (in Australia… um… yeah, in case yer stupid) and I’m looking forward to it kickin’ the shitwaddins out of The 4th of July.

Shaddap, I’m an Aussie now, I get to say shit like that… and mean it.

Australia Day also means that our HNT was inspired by a swell of patriotism.

At least that’s what we called it this morning… heh.

Sweet Baby Jeebus She's Feckin' SMOKIN!

I can truthfully say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am the…




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