Customs – Cover Girl, Rise of Cobra

Cover Girl was yet another one of those figures that made me wonder, “Why in the Blue Fuck was she even IN the movie?”  Because really, let’s hire the hot chick for a menial role yet still with a recognisable code name, then kill her brutally when she hasn’t even done ONE THING that was cool or awesome.  Fkn LAME.

So yeah, I wanted to do a custom of her not only because the Joes are low on de wimmins, but also because I felt bad that her part in the movie blew anchormen.


  • Head – ROC Cover Girl with 25th Ann. Scarlett’s hair.  Carved, cut, styled and set before painted blonde.
  • Torso – ROC Scarlett.
  • Upper Arms – Agent Helix
  • Lower Arms – ROC Baroness
  • Upper Legs – ROC Scarlett
  • Lower Legs – Agent Helix
  • Feet – ROC Scarlett (no fkn heels in combat please!)
  • Belt – 25th Firefly with ROC Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow’s holster.
  • Holster, right leg – Renegades Ripcord.

The head was the fun part because it kind of cheeses me that these chicks would be portrayed with their hair down when being all coverty and missiony.  Plus, I was really happy to find a way to give her the two pistols that the original character has.  It’s sort of like a trademark, even if the movie screwed her over, she still gets to be cool.