Customs – T’JBang

Ninja Force T'Jbang

How DO you say my name?

When I’d first sat down to create a custom that wasn’t solely for the Aussie Custom Contests on I figured that I should start somewhere obvious, like with the Ninja Force craptastic 90’s figs that were never, ever going to get made in modern versions (well, not most of ’em anyway).

I may look like Iron Fist, but I don't talk at all!

I may look like Iron Fist, but I don’t talk at all!

Since I already did Nunchuk for the Aussie Customs Comp, I thought I’d move to my next fave, good ol’ TJ.

See how big my sword is?  It's because I don't talk.

See how big my sword is? It’s because I don’t talk.


  • Head – Top half is Jungle Viper and bottom half is ROC Storm Shadow that I sliced off and glued on. Bandana trailing parts are the belt from Dollar General Storm Shadow.
  • Torso – ROC Snake Eyes (v43) sanded and modded to get rid of lame-ass armour markings.
  • Arms – Resolute Storm Shadow
  • Upper Legs – ROC Snake Eyes (v43) with the pouches from ROC Shockblast’s belt glued on.
  • Lower Legs – POC Tornado Kick Snake Eyes, modded.
  • Feet – ROC Snake Eyes, Paris Pursuit.
  • Shin and Forearm guards – Jacket skirt from ROC Storm Shadow.
  • Breastplate – POC Whirlwind Gayass Kick Storm Shadow, heavily melted and modded, with the belt cut off of Resolute Storm Shadow’s gi.

Of course, looking back on this custom now, I’m reminded it was not only my first without direction but that I really didn’t have a very good idea of what I was going to do going in. That’s pretty obvious now I suppose, haha.

Dude, the yellow... it didn't help the not talking thing.

Dude, the yellow… it didn’t help the not talking thing.

I still like him, and will hope to add more with him like Slice and Dice, Bushido, Banzai and, of course, Dojo. But yeah, not my best work.