Custom Ice Viper and Welding Plastic

I’ve just posted about making the attachment for the nozzle of my heat gun to “weld” an Ice Viper’s hood onto Arctic Snake Eyes’ parka to make an Arctic Ripcord.  Here’s the shots of the Ice Viper with the hood from Snake Eyes’ parka. Swaperoonie! I’ve got hoodieboy and a normal one side-by-side for comparison.  You can see that this is probably the least impressive angle as you can still see the seam on the inside of the hood.  Because of the Squeeziness Factor, I had to do the work on the hood while it was already on the Ice Viper, making it incredibly difficult to melt things together, plastic-welding styles, without melting the Ice Viper’s face too (I melted his visor a little, whoopSo yeah, the most flaws in the above. A side-on comparison, where you can still see a bit of a sharp angle between ‘old’ parka and ‘new’ parka near his face, but I’m still loving it. My favourite shot, of course, because it shows no imperfections! What’s that?  FUCK.  I see that I overlapped the black… Read moreCustom Ice Viper and Welding Plastic

Custom Desert Ripcord, Arctic Ripcord and Welding Plastic

The first official custom I did was Nunchuck, whom I will blog about later, but he was a Jump In With Both Feet custom, for the 4th Australian Customs Contest on the forums. Now that I have time to sit and do them the way I want, making figures that I thought they should’ve made in the first damn place, I’m really quite pleased with the results. First up, Ripcord.  Now, I know there’s a floppy-hat Jungle version from the ROC (Rise of Cobra) line, but there wasn’t a whole lot of jungle mentioned in the movie, yet the desert featured heavily.  So, I took the much-too-tall Desert Duke (from one of the packs?) and popped a Ripcord head on him after painting the neck with the nearest matching brown.  The reason I phrase it that way is because one of the other Ripcord heads has a much darker shade of brown. Not that I slap on the tinfoil hat in regards to racism, but you wouldn’t really expect to see a much pinker or more Caucasian-looking Duke, nahmeen?… Read moreCustom Desert Ripcord, Arctic Ripcord and Welding Plastic

Making a Really Fkn Good Salad

There was a time in my life when, if someone asked me about eating salad, I would’ve responded, “Always do!  I pop that sprig right into my mouth just before I dig into the steak.” Nowadays, I still don’t make it the Entire Meal, but it can certainly be a star.  This is the one I make with cheap and nearby ingredients. First, go to your favourite Green Grocer and don’t buy this shit at Coles or Woolies.  The Big Boys probably spray it with Killyadeads or Cancerstarters and the Little Guys need all the help they can get.  Plus, they’re more likely to have locally-grown produce instead of garlic grown in a camp in China, fertilised with human excrement and then bleached white to hide it’s poo faults. One head of Cos Lettuce.  In Americaland, we called it “Romaine” and I’m still not convinced it’s the same shit.  But this is the one you can get at the GG and it’s yum on sandwiches too. Two tomatoes.  Go ahead and buy them by the bag if you go through… Read moreMaking a Really Fkn Good Salad

Days Don’t End Better

I’ve just gotten his nappy off in front of the tub.  I’ve carried him in here, happily coated in pasta sauce, trying not to get any on me, stood him up in front of the bathtub and announced, “It’s bath time!”  He’s ecstatic.  He’s working his little feet back and forth like it’s Dance Party USA.  I get his nappy off and he steps up to the edge of the tub, one hands his doodle, and pisses all over the bath mat. In retrospect, his nappy felt incredibly empty for being on so long.  He’s always had a penchant for pissing as soon as it’s off.  These are good things, I tell myself, that mean it’ll be easier to potty train him. His next biggest sister comes in behind me while I’m wrestling him into the water.  For as much as he Fuckin’ Loves Baths, he’s always funny about the water until he gets used to it.  Before you think you’re smarter than me, I’ve tried different temperatures and depths.  It’s just how he is. His sister is standing behind… Read moreDays Don’t End Better

Writing, or Watching the Wrench-Eater

Somedays, I miss blogging for the sake of it.  I mean, I do it now, but there was a time that I had one blog for ALL the people that knew me, where I had to watch my mouth (and my step), one for all the funny people that DIDN’T know me (in real life) and one that NOBODY read (shhh, it’s a secret!). On those days, it didn’t matter what I felt like writing, I could just write whatever I wanted.  I could post pictures of my cute kids on the one, I could write something about farts and sex on the other and I could write about my wife’s shithead siblings on the other. Now there’s just this one, and the expanding freedom I’m feeling with it only comes from the fact that nobody reads it.  Which makes me sad, of sorts.  And happy, of sorts. I do wonder what people think when they stop by, like folks from the ToyNerd forums, or SwordNerds, or WritingNerds, or IT Nerds (why do I only know nerds?!), but then I… Read moreWriting, or Watching the Wrench-Eater

Quiet weekend with toys

All 3 older kids were away last weekend.  Yes, with this family and where they go (Jade to Nanny & Poppy’s, Damon and Georgia with Steve to Grandie and Grandad’s) there’s always fallout.  Sometimes it lasts for days.  And sometimes you have to wear that just to get a day where there’s peace. Worth it.  Not hugely, but still.  Wifeage and I actually completed a conversation on Saturday.  Hell, we did it TWICE, and they lasted longer than 8 seconds too!  Sometimes, you just need that. So I sat with my Steel Badger tank, that I’d recently painted in all black with grey tones, and repainted it.  The Freedom Chopper (or hatever the hell Seebs keeps calling it) had been painted up with black covering the wads of silly that Chap Mei puts on things, so it only seemed fitting that I’d give the tank to the Cobras. Here’s the Seebs Freedom Chopper: I not only painted over everything that was white, bright or that weirdass pinkish maroon, but I cut out the doors on one side, glued on some… Read moreQuiet weekend with toys

Snake Eyes – Collection

I’ve got a secret, something that I haven’t even told my wife. Something I haven’t ever told anybody. Snake Eyes is my first love. Sure, the whole thing started with Breaker, a gift from my mom during a weekend visit with her, and it quickly evolved into Grunt and Flash and Zap. But when it got to Snake Eyes… all bets were off. This guy was so fucking cool that I pretty much knew there would never be another like him. Ever. So, a couple of years ago when I decided that I wanted some of my childhood Joes back in my life and I fired up eBay to run a quick search, I only entered “Snake Eyes”. ‘Course, just like Forrest and Jennayuh, you can’t have Snake Eyes without Storm Shadow. I saw one auction about to end that had both figures in it, bid, and just like that I was back on the collecting ride. What a friggin’ awesome ride too. My Snake Eyes collection isn’t quite as complete as my Storm Shadow collection, but it’s getting there…. Read moreSnake Eyes – Collection

This city life

A fluffy, perfectly-storybook cloud drifts across the sky, low on the horizon, at the perfect angle to get caught up in the top of a formidable gum tree.  I feel that familiar desire lurching in my chest.  I need to live in the country. The barbed wire on top of the chainlink fence immediately below the picturesque scene reminds me of where I currently live.  Not just in the city, but in a part of the city where a school so routinely gets vandalised that the budget was expended to give it these prison accoutrements. Depressing, if you think about it, so I don’t. It’s a beautiful and sunny morning, and the temperature reminds you that it’s the perfect time of year, when a jacket is only slightly too much and a singlet and boardies only slightly too little.  Jeans are fine, shorts are fine, sandals are fine, boots are fine.  The weather is fine. The short walk to the park involves yet another freestyle song to an original tune.  If I had a guitar and a recording contract right… Read moreThis city life

Stormdancer – by Jay Kristoff

When you hit the last page of a book, give a sigh and then feel the urge to open the first page and start all over, you know you’re on to a good thing. When my brother-in-law said a good friend of his was a writer, we were still busy pretending that we’d all have books someday too, so he was a bit of a benchmark.  He had a book already, called “Stormdancer“.  Then, I found out it was probably going to be published.  A bit of a higher benchmark then.  Then I found out that publishing houses were actively bidding on it and this guy was some sort of phenom in the writing world, and I saw that benchmark hit stratospheric levels.  The new benchmark was just to make friends with him and hope that some of his Writing Awesome rubbed off via Facebook emails. What’s in a name? I’ll comfortably admit that I balked, heavily, when told it was “Dystopian Japanese Steampunk”.  Mostly because I fkn hate labels.  I hate the categories that people put on books, as… Read moreStormdancer – by Jay Kristoff