A Moment

Just a typical morning here in the ‘burbs.  Older two trundle off to school, littlers with me.  One on my shoulders, chattering happily about how the car in the driveway we just passed has “magic glass” and how it’s made from magic and glitter and sandman’s sand and it takes bad dreams away.

She made it, she tells me, using “glass magic” that she could tell me about but it’s a secret.  Littlest blows raspberries and amuses himself by dripping the juice from his sippy cup onto his vegemite toast.  When I pick him up later, I will get to deal with a soggy, sloppy mess and a hungry child.  He’s happy enough.

Oldest was feeling the usual trepidation, stomach troubles, nervousness and anxiety that has plagued most of his short life.  It’s Thursday, so it’s his guitar lessons that he fears.  He’s the only scholarship student left in the program and feels isolated.  He has also forgotten to practice every week for the past 13 weeks.  Except last night.  I remind him of this, his head lifts, and I remind him as well of the flawless way he performed “Twinkle Little Star” for his sisters, without even looking at the guitar.  His chest puffs up and he announces proudly to me, “Ya know, I think this might be the first time I’m not nervous about going to guitar lessons!”

Oldest girl was running quite late, just one of those days that are all-too-common where I go to bring her a jumper and find her playing with her Monster High dolls.  If everything is going to distract her from her mission this morning, at the very least she is willing to attempt to entertain the toddler while he whinges at my ankles as I make their lunch.

No matter now though, and no unnecessary stress.  They are all at school, lunches packed and ready to be eaten, clothes clean and properly adorned, and I am here, in this cute and quiet park, watching my little brute stomping around an empty playground as if he owns the place.


An icy wind is hiding in the leeward side of the sunshine, but I believe it to be human nature to take a day such as this and say “F*CK YOU WINTER” and soak in as much warmth as is available.  I have just been toddled into for a nice cuddle, the reason for which would appear to be for warmth alone, as the second his fingers had lost their chill he clambered off and scampered away, yelling, “Doh Dah DAH!” at a nearby crow.

It’s moments like this that used to freeze me with anxiety and even fear as I would picture the day, the events ahead of me, even if they were only as huge as “going to work” or “going to a client meeting”.  While I don’t have anything dreaded on my calendar today, this week, this month, and there is conversely nothing terribly exciting either… I still find it incredibly freeing to be able to look at a day like this, a moment like this, and feel appreciative it for what it is.


At some point in your day, take a moment for what it is and appreciate it.  You won’t regret it.