It’s okay for them to die because they’re old.

It’s one thing to throw the doors open and invite Rona into our previously COVID-free state, but it’s another entirely to simply drop nearly every Safety Precaution (AKA “restrictions”) and just let the shit run free. And it IS. 17,033 new cases today. Another new record. Pretty sure we’re breaking the previous record every day now. 1 in 40 West Australians are in isolation because of COVID. Since the start of 2022, there have been 161 deaths. But nobody cares. Nobody cares because nearly all of the people who have died are old. The average age is something like 75. These people are dead, and no one cares. A teenager dying made the headlines, as did a man in his 30’s. But they were small headlines, and always accompanied with the phrase “pre-existing conditions”. Well holy fuck. If you pare it right down, there’s a heap of us that have pre-existing conditions. Take me, for example, as I was pre-diabetic at one point. I am 47 years old. I am overweight. I am male. Each of these PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS ups… Read moreIt’s okay for them to die because they’re old.

Western Australians all getting COVID because of Federal Election.

Bear with me. Slap on the tinfoil hat if you must. But I believe that our Labor Premier, Mark McGowan, was strong-armed from multiple directions into not only opening WA’s borders, but in dropping nearly every COVID Safety Precaution (or “Restrictions” if you’re one of those). We were COVID free, you see. Our borders were closed. You couldn’t even book a ticket unless you were double-vaxxed and you couldn’t leave isolation until you tested clean after 14 days. We were getting it done. Then Delta hits Australia and everybody over east is getting COVID. Tens of thousands test positive, thousands are very sick, hundreds die. We’re still safe in WA because we don’t let anybody in. Well, technically that’s not true. We let plenty of people in, you just had to have done the right checks and applied appropriately. Naturally, the media pushed the message that WA doesn’t let anybody in. Mark McGollum and his Hermit Kingdom was pushed rather hard. The yobs here pissed and moaned about it, everybody over east pissed and moaned about it. Nobody pointed out… Read moreWestern Australians all getting COVID because of Federal Election.