Writing Books is hard, who knew?

In recent years I’ve found that my life is more passionate and fulfilling when I’ve got a project or two going on.  I don’t mean making a spice rack or cleaning out the back shed, though those are certainly up there, I mean creative pursuits. Sometimes it’s a website, where I’ve put all of the neat SEO Analytics Tools that I’ve built in one spot, or a website that’s a blog comprised of web people making the web a better place.  Sometimes it’s learning how to make a cowboy hat, and other times it’s a new pair of medieval boots, that I’ve medievally made to wear in a medievally way. So about the time that we were cleaning up the all the fallout from the Huge Storm in March, a buddy of mine and I had reconnected via Stalkbook, and he’d mentioned that he was actively doing that thing that he and I had talked about, writing books.  He’d worked on a few and finally had one that he was trying to get published.  I’ll mention at this point that… Read moreWriting Books is hard, who knew?