The Featherfoot

Yet another example of masturbating my book characters all over a short story, this is an interaction that’s heavily-based in my world, and maybe wasn’t the best way to slap a short story together. Especially for something as exciting and important as The Little Journal, something put together by the most-excellent people at Writing WA […]


Another Furious Fiction piece, this one for March. Here’s the prompts: Each story had to include a character who revisits something. Each story had to include the same colour in its first and last sentence. Each story had to include the words CAMP, FAST and SPARK. I’d forgotten the details of this one, which usually […]

The Black Stump – Flash Fiction

Stringybark Stories has a great newsletter and sometimes has these giveaways of their anthologies based on Flash Fiction comps. 100 words that had to include: foetid, portrait, sensitive and joyful. I have no recollection of the inspiration for this one, which makes re-reading it, rediscovering it, all the more fun. It’s like reading something, enjoying […]


Cibus Potentia

This was an entry for Writing Battle, which is a concept that I still find amazing and fascinating. You write something under 1000 words that follows a few prompts, then it goes to “battle” against another story and a group of folks vote on who wins. Meanwhile, you do the same for another group, reading […]

Troublesome Child

This one was for the NQW Podcast competition too, as if I remember right you could throw in as many entries as you wished. About two hours from the deadline I banged this one out too. At least I think it was anyway. I can’t honestly remember, but I know it had the usual list […]