Happy ‘Straya Day Mayte

Since the very first one I experienced, this day has always meant something special to me. My first, 5 years ago, was the first time I’d ever actually sat and hung out with family and friends without it being an occasion centred around somebody or something stressful (birthdays, New Year’s, etc).  Low-key and as laid-back as you can get, there was beer, barbecue and Australian Flag Tattoos a-plenty. It may sound silly, but getting to adorn myself with “Australia” stuff meant more to me than the family probably realised.  It wasn’t ceremonial, nor really terribly symbolic, but I had a T-shirt and a ballcap (I love my hats) and then a flag tattoo pasted on my cheek, and I couldn’t have felt more patriotic than if someone had draped a flag across my shoulders and started singing “We are Australian”. I sat there at a table full of the native-born (and a pom, if I do remember) in a neighbourhood heavily peopled with castoffs and refugees mostly from Africa and East Asia, and have never felt more welcome in a… Read moreHappy ‘Straya Day Mayte