Who Are You

Who are you to judge me anyway? I want you to do something for me, right now.  Ask yourself that question above.  Be honest when you ask and even honester when you answer. Do you really think you’re in a position to judge me? Do you really believe that you should be free to treat me differently because of things you think you know about me? What is it that you think you know about me? Do you reckon there may actually be more to the story?  Can you believe that there are things about me that you may not know, that may colour what it is you think about me? Are you able to conceive that these things may be none of your business?  Can you wrap your head around the idea that these things might actually be the basis for what you think about me, yet you may never really know the details of them? Knowing all of this, are you still satisfied with those thoughts you have of me?  Are you secure in the knowledge that your… Read moreWho Are You