Her Biggest Secret

The Not Quite Write podcast puts on a pretty cool competition every few months. Good folks, and the best part is that they fire up an old-school forum for people to chat and get to know each other, then eventually post their pieces and have others critique them. I even made a new friend on […]

Sweet, but I am Dead

This was another Furious Fiction, February I think? Yep, found it, here’s the prompts: Each story’s first sentence had to include something being POPPED. Each story had to include a character referencing a FILM title. Each story had to include the words LEAP, BOTTLE and SHADOW. (Longer variations were okay if original spelling was retained.) […]


First Day

Another Furious Fiction entry. This one was for January and had to do with First Day on the Job. Each story had to take place on a character’s FIRST DAY OF A NEW JOB. Each story had to include something being stolen. Each story had to include the words TRIP, TRIANGLE and TSUNAMI. All in […]

Home Security

This was my entry for the Louie Award put on by the Australian Crime Writers Association. A 500-word challenge that usually has a one-word theme. The one for 2024 was “Artificial Intelligence”. ** Her partner looked pointedly at her, squinting his eyes hard the way he did when he was either thinking too hard or […]

The Captain – Short Story

Every month, the Australian Writer’s Centre holds the Furious Fiction contest, where they give a handful of writing prompts, limit you to 500 words and see what you come up with. I’ve been ‘longlisted’ for the comp before, and this one got me on there again, so I’m happy enough with that. The prompts for […]