Yeah… That Thing We Talked About?

Not a single thing about this trip has been anything less than absolutely exceeding any possible expectations I may have had.

I can ramble on and on about the plane ride, the people I’ve met, the stuff I’ve done and seen, the time of my life I’m having and loads of other important and/or inane shit but I won’t.

I’ll simply say Thanks to all of you commenting and emailing and, since I’m too lazy (and a bit… preoccupied) to write you all back right now, I’ll just say… that thing? You know… that Thing I was hoping for, wishing and wanting and pining for?

Yeah, THAT.

Well, I got it.

I’ve got it and, for the first time in my life (and certainly in this diary), I don’t have the words. I’d throw out “happy” or “complete” or “blissfully whole” but none of those do it justice.

It’s just the best thing ever, that’s all.

And NO, it’s not a flaming venereal disease or a pet monkey that brews beer and can program my TV to pick up free porn on the sattelite.

I’ll talk to you all when I’m back in the States…

IF I come back, that is.

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