Custom City Strike Heavy Duty

Before I got nutty in getting all Phone Melty and Plastic Weldy, I wanted to ease in slowly.  I did the Desert Ripcord, because that was just a headswap, handswap and painting the neck.  But, I wanted to get painty, and I’m really loving getting my City Strike crew together, so when I saw that I had two identical Jungle-coloured Heavy Duty’s (because the jungle featured so heavily in Rise of Cobra… oh wait…) and then I finally picked up the 4-pack Desert Something Something ROC with a repaint of Heavy Duty, I thought, “Hey, I frickin’ LOVE pickles!”

Kidding.  I thought I should just do my own repaint, because HD isn’t my favourite from the movie line and I wasn’t afraid of fucking him up.  It’s not because he’s British, or because they did him and not Roadblock, but because they gave the toy freakyweird eyes.  Like boggly and gross.  I love the earring, but the eyes are sheepshit and scare me.

But still, a good excecise and if I can get another HD in Impact Armour (because his eyes were far less sheepshitty) then I’m using that head on City Strike Heavy Duty and putting Sgt Stone’s head on the Impact Armour body.  I’ll have a full freakin’ squad of those soon, but more on that later.

A basic blue background, then some lighter and darker camo and BAZINGA, he’s not as lame anymore.


I’ve got the Jungle styles in there for comparison.  I even did his left knee in that stupid flat, dark colour, just to pay homage.


Side-on, and you can see that the lighter camo grey is much closer to the blue than the lighter-camo grey is to the green background.  So my camo isn’t as good in that aspect, but he’s City Strike worthy, I reckon.


Personally, I like mine better.  I know there wasn’t a “City Strike” section of the Rise of Cobra movie, but there IS a full toyline, and I think City Strike Heavy Duty would fit right in, I reckon.

Except… though the tin says “Matt” on it, he’s quite glossy.  So are my other efforts.  I think something went glosstastic with the white that I’m using, because it’s only colours that have the white involved.