Customs – Kamakura, Rise of Cobra

I was damn lucky to not only have a Kamakura from Joenerd TJ (two actually, both $4 from clearance shelf at Toyworld) but also a beat-up one from a $30 lot I got from the US (with True Heroes boat and 22 figures).  Since he’s made up of 25th Ann. Storm Shadow (v30, I think) I didn’t need the parts really.  But I knew when I used it that I wanted it to be for a proper Kamakura custom.

When I was getting the idea for Sandstorm, BANG, it hit me.  Don’t forget Kamy!

So there you go.  But his blue wasn’t green enough for me, considering that he’s always, always green in some way.  And I wanted him to have some sort of body armour on his lower parts to match the upper parts, making him more armoury and tough and Impact Armor Awesome.  Plus, it gives me a chance to balance things drybrush-wise.


  • Head/Torso/Arms/Upper Legs – ROC Kamakura
  • Lower Leg – ROC Snake Eyes (v47)
  • Feet – Resolute Storm Shadow
  • Backpack – Sword sheaths from ROC Storm Shadow, pack from Snake Eyes v37.

All up, he was fkn FUN.  Loved the half hour alone I spent mixing that shade of green.  Loved getting the highlights just right.  LOVED repainting the entire torso and using the black and highlights MY way.  Loved his feet, but hated, hated, hated carving and whittling the fucking joints out so the paint wouldn’t wear off.

Why?  Why all the hatred?  Look close.  Because I missed one.  I fucking missed one and didn’t fucking notice until just now.  His back left ankle has rubbed off and is white as the driven snow.  FUCK.

Meh, oh well.  Something to do next weekend.