Customs – Sandstorm, Rise of Cobra

I was nearly done with the original gangsta’s from the Impact Armor crew (Rise of Cobra) when it hit me: There were more figures with this armor!

So I dug around to find parts that would match Sandstorm, surprisingly easy really, and made a new one that was going to get the complete workover.


  • Head – 25th Firefly
  • Torso/Upper Arms/Upper Legs – ROC Ripcord
  • Lower Legs – ROC Snake Eyes

Sandstorm was fun because I knew fuckall about him.  I sort of thought that he could be a sniper or some shit for the Impact Armor Team when they’re all assaulty and missiony.  I liked the idea that he’d have some desert camo and a bigass sniper rifle from Marauder’s.

[EDIT] I see now that he’s an MP, so I might try to work that angle instead.  But I do really like the idea of a ‘Perimeter Control Specialist’ on covert ops being a sniper.  I mean, other than ninjas, what else would you have?