About Me

Judd Exley. Dot. Com.

My website, where you’ll find things out about me. Maybe some of them are even important.


My email is my first name, at symbol, then first and last names together, with a dot com on the end. Why did I explain all of that instead of just writing it? Because spambots now account for 97% of all email I get. Sure, they’re not all to this address, but damn.

Phone Number

04… actually, just email me. It’s unlikely I’ll answer the phone.

See, I spend my days playing with a 2-year old little boy who fascinates me endlessly. Most mornings I’m seeing my 3 other kids, 12, 10 and 6, off to school, and most afternoons I’m playing with them in the park and at home. So, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the phone.


I was born in Montana and left there for university at Texas A&M. I left there for more university and an actual life in Denver, Colorado. I left there for real love and real life in Perth, Western Australia. Right now, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Except maybe the toilet, which is the only room where I’m able to successfully read a book for more than a paragraph at a time.


I occupy a lot of things, technically, so I’m never sure what to say.

I am a writer. A website expert. A member relations manager for a prominent national organisation for webnerds. A webmaster for a group of swordfighting reenactors. A web designer for a few nonprofit groups. A mentor. An artist. A Viking. A teacher. A carpenter. An actor. A plumber. A ninja. An IT expert. A toy collector. A cowboy. A chef. A husband. A father.

If I had a business card to sum all these things up, it would read:
Judd ExleyCaptain Awesomepants

I think that says enough, really.

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