Oz is Simply Dreamy.

The wheels of life keep turning and I’d accepted the fact that I’d done my share of gear-tweaking and cog-fiddling when I first fell in love with, and decided I needed to be with, WifeToBe.

Our ensuing planning of a life together had some major obstacles involved though, things like a migration visa, the sale of my house, and a home for Asshead all made themselves known as very rough patches of some very BIG LifeWheels. Not to mention the incredible depression and absence felt by not being with The One person that truly makes you feel completely whole and real.

Well, Life absolutely couldn’t get any better than this. If it does, I’m fairly certain that it would involve maybe a little less rain or guided tours of the Sweet Nectar Ale of Universal Awesomeness Brewery… with unlimited free samples.

Assorted folks that read both me and WifeToBe know that she has two kids, and have written comments and/or emails asking me about how I feel about this.

Personally, I love kids and they love me. The Mom refers to me as the Pied Piper at any social gathering, weddingy-type thing, because most of the children glom on to me at some point and only reluctantly let go when pried off my legs.

I don’t know that I was ever really ready, but I’ve always wanted kids and not just for the fact that I get to play with their toys either. Seriously though, I’m fairly certain that D, the 4-year old boy, is in dire need of as many BitchinBadAssenest Radio-Controlled vehicles as possible. G, the 2-year old girl, could also use about 57 different kinds of Play-Doh sets and other assorted MessyAssCraftyPretty Art stuff. That aspect of my personality was absolutely bouncing with the prospect of “fatherhood.”

What I wasn’t necessarily prepared for was the actual Paternal feelings swelling up so damn strongly. Especially when, after a mere 3 seconds of eye contact, G smiles warmly and says to me, “You’re my daddy.” I should mention that NOBODY has told her to say or even to think this, let alone cajoled her or prodded her in any way. She came up with the concept completely on her own, and we bonded instantly. D, with his wary little eyes and somewhat suspicious nature, told me a few hours later that he loved me and that, when monsters came in his dreams, he was going to dream of me so that I could chase them away. We both love Spiderman and Batman and we bonded quite fully over his X-Men coloring book.

We played with toys, we ran around, and I got to act like both a child and a parent. WOW. As with just about every single other aspect of my relationship with WifeToBe, Reality far, far exceeded any possible wonderful expectation I could have had. And I don’t exactly aim low when I’m shooting for Happiness either folks, that says a lot. A fucking ShitLoad.

I’ve quite simply, never been this Happy in my entire Life, and I have someone with me on this path in the exact same spot.

The (ex)Girl has been graciously watching the house for me while I’ve been gone, and AssHead and her former ChewToy, Dingbat, have apparently been getting along. Relaxation is such a gift when others help with it so readily, so I was completely unprepared for the first of the Giant Bumpy Cogs of Life to chunk its way on by…

We sold the house.

I read (ex)Girl’s email, I squealed, I ran into WifeToBe’s shower and kissed her beautiful wet soapiness, and then did an abbreviated version of the Happy Dance.

Two more Cogs to go.



I’ve needed it, I’ve received it, I appreciate it, so I’m asking for it again…

Wish me Luck.

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