Customs – Snake Eyes, Rise of Cobra

Snake Eyes.  My boy.  The goods.  The shit.  The Real Deal baby.

My first true love.

While a part of me will always, ALWAYS want to do some sort of “Ultimate” Snake Eyes (and still plans to, despite the Wave 3.5 Retaliation figs) I also really, really love the idea of making new ones for unique situations.  I had a ROC Ripcord body with an extra Snake Eyes head on it for AGES when I had my ROC guys set up, and when I started this whole Impact Armor project I realised that I was going to have to give him a proper Snake Eyes treatment instead of just a headswap, sword and uzi.


  • Head – Dollar General Snake Eyes
  • Torso/Upper Arms – ROC Duke
  • Lower Arms – ROC Snake Eyes (v43)
  • Upper Legs – ROC Snake Eyes (v47)
  • Lower Legs – ROC Charbroil
  • Webgear – ROC Snake Eyes (v47)

All up, it was pretty easy painting him because the grey that I happened to have was an exact match for the one they already used on Duke’s Impact Armor.

The hardest part was getting him nearly completed and then having him stand next to the other kids at the Impact Armor playground and realise that little Snakey’s been eating way too many Wheaties.  He was towering over everyone.  Something about the SE thighs and Charbroil shins made him seriously tall, so I carved out a section of the shins (about 5mm) and shortened him a bit.  That made him a bit more normal, though still quite rangey.

Shitty part too was breaking the fucking silencer off the DG Snake Eyes.  I fixed it back on, melted it a bit, and then the fucking thing broke off AGAIN.  Wickedsad, so I just glued it (slightly crooked) and left it.