Baby Rabbits and Love Drawings

While the older two have to go to their court-appointed visitation (that they hate) every fortnight (because they had better lawyers) at his parents (because he can’t look after them on his own) we occasionally partake in as much of a non-kiddifying as we can, and Jade gets to go to Nanny & Poppy’s by herself.

They love it because she’s possessing of a magical energy that seems to infuse everybody’s life that she touches, and she loves it because, “They let me do what I want Daddy, whatever I want to do!”

Thankfully, they were lucky enough to get in on some more Jade Art, and we were lucky enough to get some of it home with her.  Enjoy.


This is a little monster girl who spreads love.  Even though she’s a monster, she’s still pretty, and she fills the air with love.

Yes, yes she does.  When I think, “Little Monster Girl” I certainly think about the air filling with love, instead of terrified shrieks and the sound of feet running away.


Jade with a little baby rabbit.  You’ll notice it’s a baby since it’s wearing a nappy.  That blob is all the love between the two of them.  It’s filled with made-up words, but really they’re just there because the love is so big.

I don’t have the heart to explain to her how you wouldn’t need a nappy for a little baby rabbit.  Mostly because that’d just lead into questions about her brother’s own continence and his tendency to produce quite rabbit-like results when we use a certain brand of formula.  She’d possibly tie that together with that time that we were out at the shops and I’d forgotten the nappy bag, and had just dumped the nappy’s contents in the toilet, wiped at the tiny smudge that was in there and then stuck it back on his little butt.

She doesn’t need to know about that one just yet.


This is a Bad King and a Bad Queen.  They’re sitting around thinking about badness and the heart that is in their life says, “Sad Luv”.  The queen’s wearing a beautiful dress, but on it is a decoration of a puppy in a cage.

That, I must confess, is one badass bitch.  I’ve seen “Miss Bitchy” on people’s bumper stickers before, but I can only imagine the amount of weeing I’d do down my leg if I came across a mean-ass Queen with a gorgeous hand-embroidered gown with a puppy in prison emblazoned on it.  “Sad Luv”?  Beautifully more poetic than “Don’t F*ck With Me”, fo’ sho’.


This is… all the love.  All the love that you see and feel around you.  It’s simple really.

For as frightening as the last one was, this one makes up for it.  It’s all the love.  Simple really.

One helluva love too.  Couple of ’em.  They’re friggin’ HUGE.


This is mum changing Drew’s poopy nappy.  It stinks and is filling the air.  Jade is holding her nose because of the stink.

This one had me giggling like an idiot.  Oh sure, there’s still an incredible eye for detail, like the picture of the baby in a nappy on the side of the thing because it’s one of those giant plastic koala change tables that they have in the mall (like the one where I found Drew’s rabbit poo), but this one has all the subtleties that make me think she’s bound to be a cartoonist.  Notice that while mum and Drew are wearing the hallmark Cheesy Smile that runs rampant in children’ drawings, Jade’s mouth is saying far more than words.  Look at that expression.  Nose-plugged.  Standing there putting up with it.  She is non-plussed and there’s no question about it.


This is Georgia and Jade in their room.  Georgia is changing Fruit Stripe Zebra’s nappy (stuffed toy named after the gum) and there’s a guinea pig on the desk in a cage and we got him from the pet store.  Georgia is on the floor like that because she’s fed up.  There’s still love in the air though, and on the right is the girls’ lovely bunk beds and Jade is near the bed doing lovely magic tricks and putting bubbles on the wall.

This one is terribly sweet, with a guinea pig that she clearly is wanting terribly and a beautiful representation of their room.  It has the trademark Love filling the air (sensing a trend here) and there’s that baby rabbit again (in a nappy, that’s how we know he’s a baby).  My favourite bit though, without question, is the fact that Georgia is changing a stuffed toy’s nappy next to a giant butterfly and neither of them are having a very good time.  They’re both clearly fed-up.  It’s evident and it’s awesome.


That’s it, for now.  And once again please recognise that if I were to put up every picture, I’d have time for little else, even changing a rabbit’s nappy.