Customs – Ninja Force Tiger Claw

Ninja Force Tiger Claw - front
I may not like being short, but somebody had to do it.
Ninja Force Tiger Claw - front
I got a big sword too, except I’m cooler because I talk.
Ninja Force Tiger Claw - front
Still pretty dang tough.
Ninja Force Tiger Claw - old and new
Yeah, the tiger claw is on the wrong side, so what? My sword is friggin’ HUGE.


Biggest Fail: By quirk of fate, the parts I used for his arms were all on the long side while his legs were all on the short side.  He looks like a weirdly-orangutastic thing.

Biggest Nail: I’m really, really happy with how the paint apps came out.  I think this might have been the first figure where I was totally happy with the paintjob.

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