Customs – Wet-Suit

When a fellow Tanker did a trade with me for some random customs parts it was all good, but when his amazingly big-hearted self offered to buy me Joes from the US (that we can NOT get here in Oz) and ship them to me and only charge me what he paid I was floored.

I offered to get him anything I could from here (which isn’t a lot unless you like Australiana touristy crap, and some do) he declined, simply saying that he was doing what he’d hope somebody else would do for him if he couldn’t get Joes.

Well I still tried to get my wife to make his wife nail polish or something (she’s amazingly good at her customs too doncha know) he still declined.  But… I got him to tell me his favourite Joes and that’s when I got inspired to make him this custom.

Dod Ear, I hope you like it, because I had a great time making him.

Wet-Suit front

I always did kind of like that yellow.

Wet-Suit Front

More like diarrhea camo than nuclear urine.

Wet-Suit and gear

I took all my stuff off except the stuff that wouldn’t come off. I’m not Superman here.

Wet-Suit with weapons

Part James Bond, part silly yellow ninja.

Wet-Suit helmetless

The wry smile kind of ruins the Tough Guy Schtick, but I try to make it work.

Wet-Suit left front

I can zap you underwater too.

Wet-Suit geared up

With this helmet on, I’M the fishbowl!

Wet-Suit close up

It’s like looking out the door of my apartment…

Wet-Suit close up lhs

This backpack isn’t that heavy… IN THE WATER.

Wet-Suit Back Left

Zap, Zap!