Customs – Agent Helix

At first, Agent Helix kind of pissed me off. I had no idea who she was, her face looked a little funny, her guns were absolute shithouse and she was hard to fkn find for under $10. Then, I won a low-bidding auction for her and somebody else I needed (one of the Neo Vipers maybe?) for pretty cheap, getting her for about $5. Then I’d remembered I’d already bid in another auction for just her, and I ended up winning another low-bidding affair and getting her for about $4.

Once I saw that I could do a custom or two with her parts, she sort of grew on me, and then I found out that she’s in the video game which me and Oldest Child recently picked up used at EB Games. So I’m no longer pissed off by her. She’s not my favourite, but she’s alright.


  • Head – DUH
  • Upper Torso – ROC Baroness
  • Lower Torso – ROC Scarlett
  • Upper Arms – ROC Scarlett
  • Lower Arms – Agent Helix
  • Upper Legs – ROC Baroness
  • Lower Legs – ROC Scarlett
  • Feet – ROC Scarlett
  • Holster – NO IDEA, it came with a lot of about 12 figures I won for $22 and I don’t know whose it is. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t match up with ANY modern-era G.I. Joe, so it must be from another toyline.

The urge to create an entire squad of Impact Armour Joes from Rise of Cobra was a big one and one that I’ve had for a while. I’m SO glad that I did it and found a place for some of the more out-of-place figures in the set like Helix and Cover Girl.